Working with Dad Toolkit

Dads Can Cymru are offering their Working With Dads Toolkit online throughout the COVID19 lockdown. Developed by the Dads Can team and built around a range of personal development tools where the information is delivered at the learners pace.

Working with Dads is a 12 week programme of support for Dads of all ages and circumstances, they just need to be living in Monmouthshire or Newport.

Working With Dads offers a unique way for Dads who might be struggling to understand their own personal development, how to build values for better parenting, managing a healthy relationship around the principles of safety, setting boundaries and living with purpose. The programme uses the 5 ways to well-being model among its core principles, and a host of additional ideas and exercises to help Dads fully understand each concept and to reach their full development.

There are additional unique insights and exercises to help embed understanding, with practical ways of applying what is learned to real world living. In addition to the course each dad gets one to one support with a male support worker away from the learning.

  • Provides understanding and techniques for healthy relationships.
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Delivered through video conference so no need to leave home.
  • IT Equipment and data top up packages available to access the session *
  • Each session 45 minutes.
  • Catch up sessions available if you miss one.
  • New ways to challenge your thinking.
  • Delivered in a really supporting setting.
  • Guided and Peer 2 Peer support.
  • Course is delivered at Learners pace.
  • Builds confidence and resilience.
  • The really great thing – we have some fun along the way.

*Terms apply.
For More information and a referral form please contact.
The Dads Can team on: 01495 761 007/ Mobile 07718656240

Some quotes from the Dads so far.

Thank you ever so much it’s really helped

Doing this toolkit has helped me to do things differently, it has helped me to think about the future and how to better mine and the children’s.

Before I couldn’t express myself. I felt dead inside and couldn’t get the words out of my mouth, now I can.

I really like doing the toolkit it helps me to look at doing things differently, like helping me to see the progress I am making and how important it is to look after my wellbeing to be a good parent.

Without these sessions I wouldn’t have been able to do the parenting assessment and make the changes to get my children back.

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