Keeping video calls with children fun and interactive

In a world where connecting with family members has never been easier, keeping Children present and interactive during video calls can sometimes feel like an impossible task. I have two boys and getting them to sit down and have a chat with their nanny is extremely hard. However if we set up a quiz or a game of bingo they are all in and we are having the best of times. Below are some ideas on how you can create memorable moments with children from a distance through video calling.

Play games


This is so easy to set up. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bingo set, all you have to do is write the numbers 1-90 on paper and put them into a bowl. Get each player to write down 15 numbers and you have a game. This is so much fun, especially if you get the kids to call out the numbers.


Another easy game to set up get players to draw a picture, hold it up. First person to guess what it is gets the point.


When we think of a quiz we associate it being an activity for adults, however you can set questions on absolutely anything Teletubbies, Harry Potter, football.

Tell jokes or riddles

Before the call, agree to gather up a page full of riddles or jokes to tell one another. My Little ones absolutely love to tell me jokes or ask me riddles that they are sure I won’t possibly guess. The only rule here is that you have to laugh!

Read together

Reading together can be a great bonding time, when you can’t be you’re your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, this is one of the joys that you don’t have to miss out on. You can curl up in a warm blanket or stretch out on the lawn together and listen to each other read. You can read for fun or help with reading homework.

Make a no bake snack

Choose a recipe, that is an easy, snack that you can each make and enjoy together. This is a great opportunity to teach your child, relative how to read a recipe, learn a new cooking skill, or to pass down a favourite family recipe along with the family history that goes with it.

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