Season’s bleating’s at Folly Farm


Christmas was in the air recently as we took a trip to Folly Farm with some of our dads and their kids.

There was a real festive feel at the farm as the kids were able to visit Santa at his grotto and see some real life reindeer.

Along with reindeer’s, Folly Farm had a huge range of animals for everyone to see, including lions, giraffes, zebras and many more.

The trip was well attended with dads, kids and a full turnout from the Dads Can Cymru team.

Shaun Robertson, one of the dads who joined us added; “We all really enjoyed the day. My son has lots of animal toys and it was amazing for him to be able to see them in real life.”

Jason Marshall was another one of the dads who went on the trip and found it to be really entertaining; “I really enjoyed the day. My son loved seeing all the animals, thank you for taking us.”

Some more feedback from the event included:

 “I have been wanting to bring the kids here for ages but couldn’t afford it, so thank you for arranging this today.”

“It’s been so relaxed today and we have really enjoyed it.”

“We always love going on the trips with Dads Can.”

“Thanks so much for today. I was really down this week but made myself go with my daughter and now I’m so glad that I did.”

“My daughter said the Dads Can worker was so nice and she doesn’t say that about many people.”

“We have had a great time today. We couldn’t do this trip on our own as we don’t have transport so this has been a great thing to do before Christmas.”


We’ve got a busy 2020 planned so keep an eye out for more upcoming Dads Can Cymru events in the New Year!


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