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My Experience of Perinatal Mental Health #DadsMHDay

My former partner suffered postpartum psychosis after the birth of our son. She started seeing things that weren’t there, had suicidal thoughts and believed that the baby in her arms was not her son, she believed he had been swapped with another baby. This was a very...

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International Fathers Mental Health Day #DadsMHDay

The Dads Can Cymru team have been delivering support to men since 2013, so that’s seven years of team growth and development, along with an accumulation of Knowledge and understanding around working with and supporting men with a wide range of practical, emotional and...

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Finding Our Way Through the Lockdown

It’s been an unusual start to the spring of 2020.  There’s never been a time like this in recent history. With the current restrictions, most people have had to self isolate for the first time ever. The social distancing rules have a lot of people on edge also, some...

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