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I am a father and have limited contact with my son following a messy divorce. I love my son and want to be the best Dad I can be. As any loving Dad will know being separated from your child is hell on earth. Daily. I was put in touch with Dads can as a desperate Dad looking for help and support. There seem to be so many services which support women so it was amazing  to find a local organisation dedicated to helping fathers in all circumstances.

This includes 1-1 support, in my case a life saving chat in a coffee shop with Shane with practical tips and suggestions on how I could make the best of my limited time with my son and a friendly sympathetic and listening ear. In addition I’ve done dry stone walling!! A group activity with other Dads (organised by Dads can) all of us going through it and the day was brilliant, fun, free and it was good to talk to other men in a similar situation. The trip included transport , being taught a new skill, lots of laughs and a sense of camaraderie. But it’s not just Dads without kids who benefit.

Dads can supports fathers in the family where they have access to their kids but need help developing their parenting role and perhaps lack the resources to finance trips. As a volunteer I’ve been on coaches full of kids and dads and mums on organised and again free trips to Cardiff Bay and Noah’s ark zoo. Yes free!! Coach travel, packed lunches, entry paid for, all provided and then allowing families either single or 2 parent the crucial time to bond and enjoy each other’s company. What a wonderful organisation which aims to support the family unit and fathers in need. The social cost of family breakdown is massive as is the cost to kids growing up without fathers. Anything which makes men better Dads, supports them in the family unit and allows the family to flourish has got to be great news.

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