International Fathers Mental Health Day #DadsMHDay

The Dads Can Cymru team have been delivering support to men since 2013, so that’s seven years of team growth and development, along with an accumulation of Knowledge and understanding around working with and supporting men with a wide range of practical, emotional and mental health issues. We follow an open ended ethos to support in terms of timeframe, so as long as the project is running we keep Dads open to us.

Our work is support, practical, emotional and mental health focussed. We have adopted a team wide Psychologically informed environment approach, helping us to manage our support offer more effectively by understanding that the people we are working with need their own space for making the changes they want to see in their life.

Our work has developed into a supportive toolkit that consists of four modules around understanding out learning process and applying the principles of safety in our lives, emotional awareness, personal values and living with purpose, relationship insights and applications. All of which is based on the principle of building a better sense of personal wellbeing.

With feedback such as the following,

  • I was telling my SW yesterday how I’ve been able to really grasp new things, after working with Dads Can. I said thank you to her for making the referral. Whereas before I couldn’t express myself. I felt dead inside and couldn’t get the words out of my mouth, now I can. D.J
  • “Great meeting today, I always feel better about things after a meeting. One of the things I have learned is that it is good to talk and not to bottle things up, Thanks guys” G
  • “We all need to remember one thing that even when we feel out of control, we are still in control and there are people around us we can talk to, we are not alone thanks guys the meetings really help” B.S
  • “I’ve learned things about myself today that I didn’t realise and having someone to talk to has helped. K.W
  • since lockdown I have not been able to see any of my family in person it’s just me and the kids, so having another adult to talk to has helped me” L.J
  • “ I had to miss last week, but will definitely be back this week – I don’t want to stop now I’m finding it so useful. S
  • “ The peer to peer support is really useful, talking things through with the guys helps” N.U

We are now offering support through our Working with Dads Healthy relationships and wellbeing toolkit which is a composite of helpful ideas, thinking tools and insights put together as collaboration with our valued services and partner agencies and the experience and understanding we have gained along the way. With the testimonies above we are working with individuals and groups in a way that helps them to gain new personal insight additionally acquiring tools and techniques for.

The Working with Dads Toolkit can be delivered in groups or on a one to one basis, throughout the challenging times of the Covid19 crisis we have been able to seamlessly maintain delivery through live video sessions,  we have adopted a zero barriers to service philosophy in that we can supply the equipment with internet access, time and ongoing support for the Dad to get the best opportunity for benefitting from the learning. In addition to this we can still arrange for additional support needs such as, foodbank provisions, hardship help, educational and home learning resources.

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