Getting help with access to your children

Dads Can has recently entered its 4th year, and during that time we have worked with well over 250 dads and engaged with a similar number or services and organisations.

We have built up a large knowledge base, learning from partner organisations and dads alike.

No two dads are the same, but we have found several themes that affect many of the dads we work with.

One is around parental rights and access to children, which is obviously a major area for any dad.

We get regular phone calls from dads saying that their ex-partner has stopped them seeing their children or won’t allow contact at all. Obviously we don’t know the reasons behind why access or contact stops, but what we feel everyone deserves is access to accurate information and a source of support.

Here is why we want to showcase a charity called Families Need Fathers: Both Parents Matter Cymru.

Families Need Fathers: Both Parents Matter Cymru helps parents and grandparents who are being excluded from the lives of children they care about and will give you information, support and advice to try to make things better.

They provide face to face support meetings at various locations across Wales (see website for details) while also run a helpline where you can talk to someone with experience.

Their website is also jammed packed with information about legal rights and the processes one must go through.

This is a great charity – so if you, or someone you know could do with some advice around child contact, access or family law- then this is the service for you!

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