Dads Can Gets A Helping Hand With The Law

Here at Dads Can we have had recent dealings with the law, don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds, other than a few crimes against fashion and the occasional mouldy sandwich left in the office fridge, Shane and Dom are keeping their noses clean. The truth is we have been working with Rubin Lewis O’Orien for over a year now to help those of our Dads who need legal advice and representation.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing our man on the inside Rhys Warren, and thought you may be interested in getting to know about the great work that’s been going on, so here goes.

Rhys tell us a bit about yourself:  I am a solicitor with law firm Rubin Lewis O’Brien and have been for the past 14 years, I joined the firm as a paralegal following my graduation from Bristol UWE in summer 2004.

What led you into a career in law? I was inspired to practice law and specialise in child protection because of the work of my parents. They would set up new homes for children who had struggled in the foster care system, and I used to enjoy helping them with this. Working alongside my parents in this area gave me a knowledge and understanding which has now enabled me to shape the career and rewarding work I am doing today.

How did you get to be involved with the Dads Can project? I became aware of Dads Can just over a year ago through one of my colleagues who’d heard about the project at a networking and marketing event. Once I had learned of the type of work the project does, I knew it was an excellent opportunity for RLO to be involved in. Especially that of helping people who are struggling following the legal aid reductions that have affected so many people in society.

It’s been a very successful partnership because there are so few agencies out there who work with dads in the same way that Dads Can does, it’s not just the support but the fun stuff that makes it work so well.

Speaking of fun stuff who are you gunning for in the Six Nations? Wales of course!

But who do you really think are going to win? Hmm, Its ok Rhys I’ve deleted the evidence here.

What’s in it for Dad?  Dads Can has been working with Rubin Lewis O’Brien over the past year now, and clients can sometimes be offered pro-bono, or nominal fee legal advice or representation wherever its practical or possible to do so.

On a personal level it is very rewarding seeing the dads walking away with a better understanding of what their circumstances are. Especially helping them with an understanding of how the child protection system works, we always offer help in simple terms so it’s easy to understand and on a personal level. This is important so that the client feels like they are part of the process

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