A Dads Day at the Senedd

Our Dads Can team along with a small but excited group of dads were invited to the Welsh Assembly in March. The invitation, sponsored by Nick Ramsay, AM included the opportunity for the dads to meet and chat to other Assembly Members about the work of the project.
The Dads Ben Scott, Nevin Ryan, Josh Pitt and Kim Holly (representing Sam Edwards who was working) welcomed members of the Children, Young People and Education Committee who listened to stories and presentations from the dad’s own experiences as well as hearing about the achievements that help dads achieve, change and improve their lives.
“46 dads improved their career opportunities after working with Dads Can.”
Members were enthralled by Nathan’s story, read by Ben and were moved by his determination to succeed as a father with the help of Dads Can. They were impressed with the work that Dads Can does to combat the challenges that often exist as a result of disadvantaged backgrounds and how the dads we work with are pushing barriers and boundaries to gain work, learn new skills and be better dads.
“In the last year 35 dads said that they now add value to their family.

Rebecca Evans, AM, Minister for Housing and Regeneration attended and was inspired to learn from the dads about the activities they take part in and how they help to expand their skills and give them their own motivation to achieve more.
“94% dads feel more positive about their future, more confident and better supported.”
Members learned about plans for the future, including goals to include more men across south Wales and promote and provide more support services, including legal support. Last year 16 dads gained access to their children, thanks to the free legal advice Dads Can was able to offer via solicitors, Reuben, Lewis O’Brien and ETLP Solicitors.
“Dads Can saved over £20,000 in legal fees for our dads – and 16 dads gained access to their children as a result.”

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