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Dads Can Cymru is a continuation of the highly successful Dads Can project – funded by the Lottery. The project is a male support service which helps fathers and father figures overcome challenges such as low confidence, mental ill health, relationship breakdown, access to children and negative lifestyle choices.

Dads Can Cymru operates across Monmouthshire, Newport and Blaenau Gwent utilising a coaching and mentoring approach through 1:2:1 and group work sessions, empowering dads to identify and resolve challenges they face.

Dads Can Cymru will continue to build on their existing network of support to dads and father figures where they can share, learn, explore and process emotional issues. Dads will also have the opportunity to volunteer in community environmental projects; such as dry stone walling, forest school landscaping and intergenerational work.

With statistics demonstrating that 3/4s of suicides are by males, 1 in 3 children grow up without a father, divorce rates cost every tax payer approximately £1500 per year and 15yr olds are more likely to have a smart phone than a father in the home, Dads Can Cymru goes a long way in supporting families to become more stable and cohesive.

Dads Can primarily aims to address the gender inequalities experienced by dads through helping them to achieve a brighter future and to become positive role models in their children’s lives.

The project reduces the impact of traumatic events experienced by families. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) creates an increased risk to children’s future development and therefore the project focuses on breaking this generational cycle through 121 emotional support and embedding positive behavioral change.

We use a coaching approach to support dads in identifying solutions to problems they face such as low self-esteem, mental ill health, relationship breakdown, access to children and negative lifestyle choices.

We have created a network of support through peer mentoring, role modelling, advocacy and brokering relationships with local support providers. We also provide advice and guidance and opportunities to access family enrichment programmes.

Times are changing, traditional modes of masculinity have been replaced in favour of a more equal society however in many spheres the role of fatherhood has been lost, as society has focused so heavily on supporting mums.

Through providing  male to male support in a non-judgmental and safe environments dads are able to open up and discuss their problems, which they do not feel comfortable addressing with females.

As a result of services being mother focussed, many dads feel isolated during their child’s early years. 3/4s of our dads reported they felt excluded and alienated during this phase, so it is no surprise to find that 25% of dads experience depression in the first year, which is almost always undiagnosed. Early Years services are predominantly provided by females, creating a female orientated environment, one of which dads do not want to step into. Our work of co delivering some of these sessions means that dads have had effective engagement in these programmes.

What our Dads and Partners have to say……

I have found Dads Can a very useful project for fathers who do not know where to start with support and are often reluctant to engage with support. Having a service dedicated to dads helps overcome stigma, supports them to link up with other services and ultimately can only help in supporting them to be better fathers to their children.

Dawn Moore

Integrated Family Support Services

Without a project like this many fathers are left with no-where to turn and without the vital support that they desperately need.

Kay Perrott

ETLP Solicitors

This organization means so much to me. If it wasn’t for Dads Can I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to in confidence for support morally and emotionally.

Ben Beynon


Dads have emotions too. I would be at the end of a rope if it wasn’t for this service.

David Rees


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