Supporting all dads with opportunities to overcome barriers which prevent you being the best dad that you can…







About Us

Dads Can Cymru is a BIG Lottery funded project for any dads living in Monmouthshire or Newport and Blaenau Gwent.

We can support all dads, so whether your a biological, expectant, step, foster, older brother or any other type of dad, we are here to work with you.

We don’t criticize or tell you how to parent, we work with you to provide opportunities and support around overcoming barriers which prevent you being the best dad that you can.

Dads Can is confidential and flexible so we can meet you at your home or wherever is best for you – so whatever your situation, or if you have any questions, get in touch with any member of the team.



I have been working with Dads Can for a few months now, I had just become a full time dad after things had got bad for my ex- girlfriend, she wasn’t coping well and needed a lot of support so couldn’t care for our daughter. We had been together for 2 years with an 18 month old girl between us. But I found I needed help being the only parent though, I had no family around to help me, I had done a parenting course but still was struggling with some of what I needed to do and what social services were asking me. My support worker helps me to talk about things when they bother me, I get lots of help and support, The Support worker from Dads Can talked to me about something called Adverse Childhood Experiences’ and explained in ways I could understand about how children can be affected by these, he called them ACE’S.


I have been working with Dads Can for nine months now, after arguing with my girlfriend all the time I walked out of the flat. Things had hit rock bottom for me, all I knew was I was really angry and depressed and thought that no one wanted to help me I didn’t want to go on. Someone at the jobcentre told me to give Dads Can a call, after meeting with a support worker it was good to talk to another man who could understand what things were like for me, he has helped with getting a bedsit, and looking for a job, he even helped me to get a bank account open to get my benefits paid into. Even though things are still difficult I know that someone understands me and will help me to rebuild my life.


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