Getting help with access to your children

Dads Can has recently entered its 4th year, and during that time we have worked with well over 250 dads and engaged with a similar number or services and organisations. We have built up a large knowledge base, learning from partner organisations and dads alike. No two dads are the same, but we have found several themes that affect many of the dads we work with. One is around parental rights and access to children, which is obviously a major area for any dad. We get regular phone calls from dads saying that their ex-partner has stopped them seeing their […]

Employment training at Cardiff City FC

We ran a two-week employment course with Cardiff City Foundation – however this employment course was different to what you would normally expect! Skills, qualifications and friendships gained, self-esteem and confidence increased, and lots of fun has been had by all. This course was serious, with accredited qualifications being gained and work experience undertaken, as well as dads being moved outside of their comfort zone. But there were also stadium tours, behind the scenes info, a lot sports played, coaching skills gained, team work and leadership sessions completed. The dads travelled four hours each day, proving that they were committed and […]


Here at Dads Can we are proud to support Movember and have been doing so for the last three years. We support a wide variety of men, from all different backgrounds and understand that sometimes seeking help can be difficult. Whether it’s physical health, mental health, relationship support, substance misuse, social service involvement, child contact issues or simply having someone to talk to – we are here and listening. By taking part in Movember, not only do we wear highly suspect facial hair for a month – which amuses every man and his dog, but in doing so we help […]

A night at the rugby for dads and kids

The evening kick-off added to the mystique of the night for the young first timers – floodlights, fireworks, and even a bagpiper – being that Newport Gwent Dragons played Glasgow Warriors. Unfortunately the Dragons lost, due in our opinion, to a forward pass that led to a try for Glasgow, missed by the ref and TV official. We had great seats, filling an entire row right on the touchline, I’m told that we even had a brief slot on the TV when the ball was kicked to touch and narrowly missed being caught by one of our dads! Stick to […]


What are we really doing about this? How many of these men are Fathers? Why isn’t there more research in Fathers Mental Health? The fathers role has changed in the last 20 years. After speaking to another father over the weekend feel we need to change this today. It effects not only families but communities too.