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Robert Price helps Dads paint the town!!!!

Builders Merchant Robert Price have donated ten much needed decorating packs to families in need living in Monmouthshire and Newport through the Dads Can project. Dad Jason said, “Receiving a paint pack was great, my girlfriend and I were over the moon as it means I can improve my home and not feel embarrassed to invite my children’s friends over to play” Katie Double, Dads Can Coordinator said “Little things like brightening up a few rooms in the home can make a real difference to someone’s wellbeing.” Many of the families are working but only make enough money to pay […]

My Volunteering Days with Dads Can by Ed Angell

  After joining the Dads Can team as a volunteer in 2017, I’ve found the team to be honest and genuine, the encouragement and advice they offer to Dads is top class! The project has a professional yet down to earth approach, which the Dads can relate to and respond. After all Dads deserve it! Some of the activities that I have participated in such as dry stone walling, and a variety of other workshops such as art, cooking and fitness have really been interesting, building individuals confidence and creating trust within the group.   Bacon sandwiches in the Wye Valley […]

Men get depressed……..

It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s a fact. Depression affect millions of men every year and it’s the leading cause of work sickness worldwide. It’s an illness that can rob you of your will to live. It can steal the pleasure from things that used to give you joy It can steal your physical energy and strength It can steal your connections to friends and family It can steal your ability to handle the littlest of things in life   Myth v Reality Myth 1 –Depression is a sign of personal weakness Reality – Depression is a real illness […]


I hear you screaming WHY? WHY? WHY? The BURPEE is a full body strength training exercise and the ultimate example of functional fitness. With every rep, you’ll work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. After a few sets of burpees, your legs should feel a little bit like lead. Try them to see the effect!! Let us know how you get on with them!!!! It’ll be worth it in the end!!

Healthy Eating : some top tips!!!

Eat plenty of fruit and veg-it is recommended to eat at LEAST 5 portions of fruit and veg every day-why not slice some banana over your breakfast cereal, or swap your mid morning snack to a piece of fruit-just try it for a week to see and feel the benefits!! Eat more fish-its a good source of protein and contains many vitamins and minerals. Recommendations are 2 portions per week, with at least one of those from oily fish. Oily fish contains omega-3 fats, which helps prevent heart disease. Oily Fish-salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, sardines and many more! Non-oily fish-cod, haddock, […]